Since Halloween is just around the corner! I thought it would be fun to do a little Fall Q & A!

If you come up with more fun questions you would like me to answer, please leave them in the comments! Or answer these questions for yourself! I would love to read them ❤ (Don’t forget to tag me!)
What is your favorite Halloween costume from your past?
My favorite halloween costume? Hmmm…When I was younger I went through a stint where I was either a power ranger (pink of course) or a witch..because Hocus Pocus. Between these two, I think I have a favorite costume. Being something I thought was extra ordinary and always okay to repeat!
Do you decorate for Halloween?
Yes! One of my favorite things about halloween is giving out candy. So I love decorating the front door. Give me a spooky halloween wreath any day!  (&& I of course, need lots of cute pumpkins…cause omg there just so darn cute!)
What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Candy Corn! (Just give me a Costco sized bag && an appointment for cavity removal now)
Where will you be on Halloween?
I haven’t decided! Part of me wants to party it up, and the other wants to watch the entire season of American Horror story circus while taking shots to every scene that makes me jump. (and trust me that would be a good night!)
Traditional pumpkin craving or creative pumpkin carving?
Totally traditional. I hate getting sticky from the pumpkin stuffs… but it’s so fun craving your own little face, and popping in a candle. (Add in a fireplace and some warm tea, and I have the perfect setting for a spooky fall evening)
What is your favorite part about the fall?
The leaves. There is something so satisfying about sitting outside watching them fall, then hearing the noises they make as you walk over them. It’s a glorious time…&& one of my favorite things….ever!
Are you ready for the cool, crisp weather that fall brings?
Yes & no! I adore the clothes (give me layers….lots of layers). The cold air, drives me crazy though! (why are you so cold!)

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