I’ve been blogging on and off for a few years now. Writing what I like and trying to build my tiny blog. Recently however I have hit a slump. I have been finding it difficult to find the motivation to blog…

Last night however I had the privilege to attend Santa Fe Street Fashion Show.

There is something so electric about being around so many incredibly talented individuals.  

Thus this morning the first thing I wanted to do was sit down and write about my incredible experience. (I have taken a breath of fresh air, if you will). To share the nights events and my excitement over the evening!

Hosted at the La Fonda on the Plaza, in Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Street Fashion show had a strict schedule.

At 6:30 sharp you had to check in for cocktail hour.

Mingling with designers, hair stylists, photographers and other impressive talents was defiantly daunting. When I  was choosing my outfit for the evening I was trying to play very close to traditional santa fe “street” style. Those who attended this event however, where on a entirely differently level. Draped in high designer leathers, beading, mosaics and silk, I was made aware of the status of my company. Everyone who attend the show seemed to exhume high fashion.

(I must say for future events I must upgrade my wardrobe!)

Despite the air of success that glided through the room, everyone I spoke with was incredibly kind and wonderful. I have to say I can’t wait to learn more about Santa Fe fashion. My inner clothes hoarder has officially been awaken!

After the wonderful conversation and drinks, all attendees were moved to the show room.

Seating was arranged so the cat walk could flow through the audience. Allowing for multiple chances to view the items been modeled. (at this time I will be doing some shameless self promotion: follow my Snapchat: MissVictorria. Thank you, that is all…)

At 7:30 sharp the show was underway.

I believe it’s safe to say that I have acquired a few new girl crushes. I had the honor to meet Amy Shea the Editor and Chief of Santa Fe Street Blog and Jaime Lewinger the creator of the blog “More than Turqoise”. (Needless to say I believe I had a mini heart attack meeting these women!)

I’ve never fan girl-ed so hard, I didn’t know I was capable of such a thing! 

These women are the leading fashion bloggers in Santa Fe. (I know mini scream). && trust me they where dressed to the seems! Amy was wearing a pair of heels that were so exquisite, I for a moment questioned the value of my car. (Girls need their shoes after all)

Thus listening to Amy Shea effortlessly move her way through the show’s introductions was a down right compelling. I am accrediting my new found blogger motivation, to her entrancing descriptions of the nights events.

With Amy as our guide, the audience was moved through six segments of Santa Fe’s leading clothing, jewelry, shoe and hair creators. (&& let me say, that the work of the designers must find their way into my closet).

Dazed with silks, breathtaking layered ensembles, latex and so much much more. I came out of the show not only in awe of its “stand up to cancer” cause but of the amazing energy that was a contagion from my fellow guests.

I was happy to attend the event, and meet so many lovely people.

Next year is defiantly a must!

till next time


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