Recently, my boyfriend accompanied me on a shopping trip. In general I don’t like for him to tag along while I clothes shop. Due to the fact that he sings the same two songs, “Don’t you own that?” and my personal favorite “You would look so good in this, get this one.”

Now to some, my boyfriends coined shopping phrases sound  supporting, even sweet. To my sensitive ears (yes, ill admit it! I get sensitive when it comes to my clothing choices) it can sound limiting.

After a day of shopping and bickering, my man turned to me and asked…”you wear the same type of clothing all the time, you should branch out. You would look lovely in anything you wear.” (okay sweet thing to say…).

Now this simple suggestion had me thinking. Do I have a style icon? Does everyone? (&& by the way if you read blogs, most bloggers do in fact have style icons.) I must have missed that memo.

So I went on a style Icon hunt…

Firstly I tried to decide what “style” i prefer. Which, let me tell you didn’t really help. I enjoy the most girly spectrum of clothing, ordained with bows and lace. To the more edgy, I need holes in everything to function, style!

Hmm… So in stead I started googling. Who in this massive fashion world could I look to for style assistance.

Thus I have complied a mini list if you will, of my style icons!

Claire Marshal.

Blogger. Youtuber. General Clothing Badass

StyleIcon3 StyleIcone2

This girl makes wearing jeans, edgy t-shirts and pieces of lust worthy jewelry look easy. Simply put this women to me exudes excellence. Thus she HAD to be on my style Icon List.

Cara Delevingne.

model. actor. singer.

9003d37278a7108c551bf0a76eb79e38 dc0d832a2944221650bf1b302f81a2f2

Cara’s style is comfortable. Intertwined with the perfect amount of grunge and a pop of tailored pieces. Her style speaks to a more laid back outlook on life, while still being New York worthy. Defiantly a idealism && style I can hop on board with.

Audrey Kitching.

Model. Designer. Artist.

cbbeb058b85a1effd7d4ee7d607fd9f2 0ab292cd0402a9c001cccdc95f6a50db

This lovely ladies style is bubble pink cuteness with an edge. It’s not odd to see her rocking all shades of pastels, accompanied with chains and studs.

Ksenia Solo.

Actress. Dancer.


Her style is classic, with a new age edge. Favoring simple cuts and colors, she add pops of fun into her outfits with neat props and accessories.

Who are your style icons? leave them in the comments!


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