Hello Ladies && Gents, 

Today I’m bringing you something I adore when I need a time out or some relax relaxing time.

A bath! 


Now I’m going to go through my entire bath routine, but today I’m sharing with you some of my must have products for my best most relaxing bath. 

1. Bath salts 

I recently have been using Aveda’s stress fix soaking salts. 

Firstly they smell of lavender (yum) secondly, they help moisturize. 

Yum. (Times two!)

2. A hair mask

Macadamia Natural oil Deep Repaire Mask is a must. 

Hair masks help repair, restore and strenghthen your hair. So why wouldn’t take want to toss one in your locks while your soaking away? It’s the best to get out of the bath with your hair feeling like heaven. 

The macadamia mask has been a recent favorite, it’s moisturizing and leaves your hair extra soft and smooth. 

3. Shave cream 

I personally enjoy EOS shave creams. They go from a cream to a foam, so they are extra moistening. (Gotta love feeling like butt-a ) 

4. A face mask

I have been bouncing between drug store dark scrubs to high end products. 

However, I always look for something that is finely milled. This just ensures the quality of product. 

Face masks just make the bath experience that much more relaxing! 

Plus they are helpful to your skin. (Defiantly a plus!)
Kisses ❤

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