Hello Ladies && Gents,

After so much lovely feedback from ya’ll on my last Maybelline post, I just had to type up another one ! 

Recently, Maybelline launched this lovely beauty in their eye shadow palette line && of course I had to snatch it.

  This 12 pan eyeshadow palette is ranged from lovely nudes to sultry evening wearable tones.

To start off, I love how much glitter is in this palette. It really makes me feel that spring theme.

Now! Onto the colors! 

In general these colors are very similar to other palettes brought out by Maybelline. They all are powdery in texture (so be careful with application) and their pigmentation is relitively light. 

Now I’ve recently come to appreciate this newest palette a great deal, simple becouse of its range of  colors. (From a lovely cream, to wearable pinks, to lovely greens and then to a warm black)

Since these colors range so lovely and have different textures (ie glitter, matte, creamy) they offer lovely options for multiple occasions. 

In conclusion! 

For to day to day wear, I think this is a lovely subtel and affordable option for spring. 

On that same note, I think this formula fades to quickly for a special occasions. However, I would suggested mixing these with MAC’s setting spray for a fun subtle pop of long wearing color. 



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