Hello Ladies && Gents,

Recently I have been transitioning from winter wear, to more spring attire and have found, I have needed some inspiration. Fashion blogs and Instagram pages have become my new obsessions. && I truly adore seeing what people wear in their OOTD (outfit of the day’s).

Thus, when I feel like I’ve hit a real high note with an outfit I’ll post it here in my Photo Diaries. Not only for inspiration for those reading my little blog, but also to catalog when I have good style days so I can replicate the outfit. (yup i wear things more then once, so guilty!)


For today’s “What I Wore” I am showing ya’ll a little jumpsuit number I wore this past sunday.

This particular Jumpsuit I tracked down at my Local Marshall’s, it’s made of a jersey material (which makes it semi-easy to shimmy in and out of. On the note of shimmying in these things, why are these so darn hard to put on?! Going to the rest room takes so much time! I hate stripping in unfamiliar rest rooms) && due to it’s black and white coloring fits right into my wardrobe.

It’s by a brand named millie, which unfortunately is one of those brands that doesn’t seem to live online. So I’m not able to provide you with a link.

However! My accessories were purchased recently so thankfully you can still snag these if you would like to do so.

Firstly my necklace is a gold triangle piece I discovered at Forever 21 which I just adore. This little piece of jewelry is slowly becoming something I wear on the daily. Since it’s gold && has that summer festival vibe I can tell this will be a closet staple for the foreseeable future.

My earrings are rose gold studs from Juicy  && then of course I have my Silver Dimond Plugs which I ordered off Ebay.

Now my Shoes, I did purchase a few seasons ago, they are so worn but they are by far my favorite boots of all time. (No link, so sorry, however Target often has boots this style)

The hat that I used to complete this outfit is by David&Young which I purchased last winter. David&Young however is my favorite brand of hats. Their Beanies are always well made and slouchy, and everything always has lovely design and coloring.

Enjoying this “Photo Diaries” ? Leave me a heart in the comments!




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