Hello Ladies && Gents,

IPSY this month has outdone themselves with their bag design this month. Not only with this little makeup bag fit perfectly in with Cochella attire, it is the perfect spring-y addition to any handbag you’ll be sporting this month. (I can feel spring themed colors in the air!)

Now! Onto the contents of this lovely packaging!

Hikari Blush in Tango

Thanks to IPSY, Hikari has become one of my favorite makeup finds. It’s easy I think to gab about name brand products, or high end drug store buys. However when you find a drug store product, thats wonderfully affordable and is amazingly done, you must tell everyone about it! (so get ready haha)

The blush featured this month is down right lovely. Being very barbie pink in pigment, this blush offers the perfect pop of pink for that just before spring glow. (defiantly adding this into my handbag goodies)

Ultra Light Face Lotion by Lather 

This face lotion claims to be non-greasy and perfect for everyday application. However, with my t-zone oil issue && the fact that it’s already hotter then hades where I live, this lotion was a tad heavy. For me this lotion was a good for evening application, which helped with my summer induced dry skin.

the Balm’s NUDE Dude Mini Eyeshadow in Flirty

Oh the Balm, when I opened my IPSY bag this month && discovered this little gem I swear I screamed like a high schooler.

In my home town, the Balm products are difficult to come by, and online ordering doesn’t often satisfy my “but i need to touch it” attitude. So being sent a mini eyeshadow was just up my ally.

This color is a glittery rose-brown (perfect for me right?)

The formula of this shadow is smooth, and creamy. && the application reminds me of the Kat Von D shadows. Long wearing and down right lovely.

Defiantly one of my favorite items of the Month!

Jorel Parker Femina Perfume

Eh. I enjoy this sent, it’s a woodsy based perfume with floral top notes. However, with it’s woody attributes, this perfume for me is to sultry for every day wear. It also has a strong alcohol smell when first applied (not my favorite)

I think this is more suited for fall evenings on the town…maybe in New York or something special.

KCO Colors Lipstick in Natural Born Beauty

Yup. Just gonna smother this lippie on myself till the nude lip trend is over, because this is the perfect mauve brown.

A cross between MAC’s teddy and soar this lippie has the perfect pinky-to-brown ratio. If i’m feeling in a “nude” mood this lipstick has jumped to my number one choice.

One warning though, this formula can be drying, so be sure to pop on a chappie before heading out on the town!


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