That Social Media Game 

Hello Ladies && Gents,

I have been getting a few questions on my favorite social media! So! I thought I would do a fun little list!

1. Twitter: Missvictorrian

Life. yup. love Twitter. I adore the fact I can make Lists of fellow tweeters && I love how instant everything is. I’m on this app every day && I’m always tweeting, so come visit.

2. Instagram: MissVictoriaNichole

I think everyone loves Insta. if you don’t….😳

3. Pinterest: Missvictorrian

I like to think of Pinterest as Internet crack lol once you sign on, just say goodbye to a few hours! (love this for crafts, organization && beauty)

Such a mini list! But these are my absolute favorite social media platforms! Come say hello!



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Hello. My name is Victoria. Born and raised in New Mexico. I use my blog to document everything I love. (& that is a lot) I find life intoxicating. Everything from places to a good read (shoot-even bad reads) food, makeup, experiences…my life. I document here. In hopes of trapping the beauty of the world, I see around me. I have been told I see the world through rose-colored spectacles. & I intend to share it that way. Here I hope to discover, discarded and rediscover who I am, how I interact with the world, and who I inspire to be. I hope you find joy in my writing, and hopefully, you also will write something to me.

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