Hello Ladies && Gents!

If you have been watching, reading or listening to the internet’s beauty bloggers then you will know there has been a recent obsession with Stila’s “Eyes are the Window” Palette in Soul.

I adored this palette the second it came out, so I wasn’t surprised at how much the internet has been obsessing over it. With it’s selection of glitter to creamery naturals, the Soul palette is defiantly an essencial in my beauty arsenal. (Especially for the daily grind)

 However! I have been surprised that no one else has discussed the other four palettes in the range!

So! Today I’m going to review the “Eyes are the Window” Palette in Spirit.




The Spirit Palette is equipped with 12 (.51 oz) eye shadow squares. The Palette’s design itself is very similar to it’s sister palette in Soul .

It’s embellished with a reflective rose gold case && complete with a large mirror. Basically making this little palette a vanity table must have. (especially for those artsy product shots) && due to the large mirror && range of colors within the product this palette is also ideal for traveling.



The shadows in this compact give great day to night wear ability. Especially since it hosts 6 cool neutrals, 6 darker shades and one white/cream highlight.

The glitter junkie in me, also really adores the glitter shadows that Stila presents in this palette. Since this palette’s eye shadows are cooler in tone, they give great options for not only all over the lid colors, but also blending/ crease colors. (oh the versatility!)



The shadows themselves are long wearing and build-able (which is partly why the Soul Palette is so loved). In comparison to it’s sister palette, the Spirit compact offers easy wearable options for darker smoky eye looks. && It gives a great one stop shop from going to daily eye wear to club ready.

Over all I adore this palette as well! I often find myself using only Soul & Spirit to complete my simple work look.

These are defiantly worth looking into even if your not into the glitter shadow, since they are subtle and can be built up for a more dramatic effect.


Have you tried these Palettes ? What where your thoughts? Leave them in the comments below!


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