Hello Ladies && Gents,

Guess what has come in the mail?


(Cheering as I’m typing)

Essentially, these little beauty bags offer me a look into the cosmetic world from another perspective. Since someone has taken the time to say ‘hey look at these products” I always get excited to see what these beauty companies deem worth trying.

For today’s post Ill be reviewing the Febuary 2015 Lip Monthly Subscription Bag.

Now for the value I always love this bag! I always get that “bang for my buck”.

This month my bag was valued at a whopping $64 (which i only paid $7.99)

(Once again insert cheering).



Now onto the bag!

Even with all my subscription excitement, I was saddened when I opened my bag this month and discovered that the cosmetic bag my products had been shipped in, was the same bag I received in december. (Not to mention the mini panic I had at thinking I received the same products two months in a row! Which I didn’t, but still! Way to freak a girl out.)

The bag is a cute snowy city scene set on a blue background. (Might make a good gift lol).

Now in the bag I discovered 4 products. (Which thank goodness I’ve never been sent before! Panic averted).

The first!

Jelly Pong Pong Super Model Stain (Full Sized Product- $25 retail)


This little quad of four, I think is just adorable!

Now for application, the packaging says that this product can be used for either a cheek or lip stain….I’m thinking it’s just a lip stain. Since this quad is quite small it makes cheek application a bit challenging. Not to mention this product is very sheer.

Now don’t get me wrong, sheer lip products make great for build able coverage. (just not for cheek application)

As for placing this product on the lips, I actually really enjoyed this! Since it’s so small, I’m not suspecting I’ll get a very long use out of this quad, however I’ve been keeping it in my makeup bag. && since it has four shades it’s great for those days when I don’t want to commit to lipstick. i just want a dab of color.

Defiantly worth popping into your purse!

Be a Bombshell Lip Gloss in Hooked (Full Sized- $13 retail)



(insert a deep sigh…)

Another lipgloss….yay.

I once heard a quote (on Gossip Girl haha) that went “Lipstick is practical and long wearing, but lipgloss is more fun.” (Sure Serina, sure…)

Lipstick is always my go to lip product, so trying to love lip glosses can be a challenge. However, due to the muted red/brown pigment of this lipgloss I have really enjoyed dabbing it over my bold fall lips.

Such a pretty color!

&& best of all it’s not overly sticky ! (thank gawd)

Over the past year I have collected quite a few Be a Bombshell cosmetics && I really want more from the range…I sense a hunt coming on.

So Susan Lip Dome (Full Sized- $10 retail)




In the past year of receiving beauty bags (from multiple companies) I have never received anything damaged or broken…until now…

This little lip stain is cracked…basically allowing the product to fly about within it’s little tub. Now I can still use this product, however it’s just a “bummer” it’s broken.

After getting ahold of myself at my fallen beauty find, I was able to try it on. && I loved it!

This little “Lip dome” works very much like a lip crayon, however it has a stain quality that makes great for long wearing days. (&& it smells lightly of vanilla…which has nothing to due with wear…but come on people, flipping vanilla!)

Since it is a mauve red it has also been lovely for the days, when I want a bold color, with out the lipstick.

I defiantly need to track down more from this brand! Love.Love.Love.

Cargo Cosmetics Eye Shadow Single Pan in Flint (Full sized- $16 retail)




Recently, I have heard quite a lot about cargo cosmetics, so when I received this in my bag I was ecstatic.

The color is a glittery cool grey. (ooh-lala!)

I adore greys for crease work && under the eye definition. && this eyeshadow did not disappoint! It is very creamy, easy to build && has awesome wearability.

Plus the glitter while very present wasn’t over whelming making it easy to tone down, or build up.

Okay…Cargo you got me…where do you live…haha I need more from your range


Did you get a beauty bag this month? What where you thoughts? Comment below!


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