Hello Ladies && Gents,

As some of you know, I recently became employed at an Aveda Salon. Which means I have been exposed to numerous new products!

One thing that I am consistently surprised by is not many people know much about Aveda.

So I decided to share some of my favorite facts about the company && some of my current favorite hair care products.

Aveda, is a company that commits itself to the power of pure flower && planet essences. This goal has pushed the company to find viable and renewable sources for their products.

Ingredients such as  cistus, bark paper, avocado and lavender, come from around the wold. Funding growing economies in multiple nations and countries.

Aveda products are also all 100 % produced by wind power. && currently there are over 350 products in the Aveda line that are paraben free.

Now! For some of my favorite hair care products !


Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight ($26 )


This little bottle, contains magic.

If you have curly or wavy hair, applying this after showering can help straighten and smooth your locks. After 5 consecutive uses, the product will help keep your hair straighter for up to 3 washes!

Since my hair is basically Merida’s from brave, the three washing promise doesn’t work on me. However it does help me keep my hair straight && increase my drying time, which is amazing!

So if your like me, and sometimes just want to rip your curly hair out, give this product a try, it will prevent you from hating your lovely curls.

(&& give you a much needed brake)

The Blue Malva Conditioner ($19)



This conditioner is a pigment leaving condition.

(I know pretty crazy huh?)

Over time this deposits color into your hair. Since this one is blue, it cancels out reddish (or brassy) tones in the hair.

There are also other color depositing pigments in this line, such as Madder Root (red pigment), Clove (Brown pigment), Black Malva (a black pigment) and Camomile (Gold pigment, best for blondes).

Since changing my hair color recently, I have used this conditioner once a week, and it helps with my natural reddish toned hair. (Making it a life saver!)

After all when you work in a salon, your hair need to be on point!

I hope this mini intro into the life of Aveda has been informative!

If you want me to review any products in particular or have questions please leave them in the comments below!


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