Hello Ladies && Gents,

A new line of makeup brushes has landed on the scene! (Insert an squeal of excitement!)

Real Techniques, has launched their new high end line, The Bold Metals Collection. These new brushes of course have a bit of an increase in price (Ranging from $20 – $40), however they still have amazing value! (deffintly worth looking into if you want affordable high quality brushes).



Now about the collection itself!

These brushes are all weighted towards the brisles of the brush (or if you want to be more technical, they are weighted in the feral), making application easier && blending time faster.

These brushes are also all tapered to be smaller at the end of the bristles, allowing for advanced product pickup && placement.

The brisles are also all extremely soft!! (which just makes my inner makeup junkie jump around for joy)


So! let’s look at the brushes themselves! So far I have only been able to track down three of the brushes in the collection (which is why this is a mini review).

Brush #101: Triangle Foundation Brush


Now, this brush is an odd duck for me. The application it applies is even && build-able, making this ideal for liquid foundation.

However due to its odd shape, using it for liquid foundation is the only use I have found for it. Making me think this brush is more of a splurge then a must.

Brush #200: Oval Shadow Brush


Yum. Love. This brush is basically Nutella.

Because of its precision && it’s weighted ferral this has become my favorite eye shadow brush. Not only is it useful for covering the entire lid with product, but due to its soft bristles it’s also useful for blending.

Love. Love. Love.

This brush is also a good option for concealer, due to its shape. So if you like brushes that can work for multiple application uses, this one must be added to your collection!

Brush #300: Tapered Blush Brush


I think this brush is also a bit of a splurge! Because this brushes bristles are more dense it makes application of Blush && bronzer very easy. However, I find it can be difficult to blend with! So deffintly be carefully with application! Just Remeber all makeup is build-able!

As my Bold Metals Collection grows I will do more “mini” reviews!



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