Hello Ladies && Gents,

I know winter is still very present, however that hasn’t stopped me from going blush crazy this season.

&& while I do adore a good high end blusher, sometimes I just want one that is both affordable && amazing.

In the past few weeks I have been buying, playing and testing a range of blushes from the drug store. However, there was only really one stand out brand.


The Milani Baked Blushes have stolen my heart, not only do they only retail for $7.49 but they come in a range of shades and hues that fit any occasion.


Plus the range of application uses for this product makes their small price tag, worth it! Since they are baked they give the face a glowing and radiant look., making them ideal or highlighters and bronzers.

In addition to being affordable and multi purpose these little blushes are also very lovely in the package. && they offer a nice option for your makeup bag, since they come with their own brush && mini mirror.


Of the few Milani Blushes I have purchased from the range, my three current favorites are…

#02 Rose D’Oro


#10 Delizioso Pink


#01 Dolce Pink


I love love love these ….&& I think Milani is slowly becoming my go to drug store brand. They never seem to disappoint!


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