Hello Ladies && Gents,

Did you know I hate moving?

I do. I really HATE it. But by next month thats what I have to do!

My BF && I will be moving into a house! (I know can you believe it). Which don’t get me wrong is amazing and exciting. However, until then my house is filled with boxes && we still haven’t found a place to live!

So to calm my little nerves I thought I would right down the steps I take when I’m packing! After all just cause your moving doesn’t mean all your stuff needs to come! One bright side to having to pack everything up, is that it allows you to sort through your home and decide whats worth keeping && trashing!

Lets get Started!

1. Papers: keeping documents is important. Things like birth certificates, deeds and other important documents should be kept somewhere safe and organized.

Recepts, and bills however is one place you can de-clutter.

If your old enough to file taxes, then you know the importance of keeping old receipts. However don’t forget that you only need to keep those things for up to five years. Don’t weigh your move down with unneeded clutter!

2. Clothing: Having a full wardrobe can be very exciting and offers lots of different clothing options. However, if there is something in your closet that you haven’t warn in 6 months (or since last season) then it’s time to find it a new home. Because more often then not, if you haven’t reached for it in over half a year, you won’t be wearing it again. && goodness knows you might need the extra room for new clothing items!

3. Memorable Items: Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for the sentimental, however at a certain point I think you need to ask yourself do I really need all my HS jerseys or all my 4th grade homework assignments. The answer is probably no. To help make this process easier I only save those items, that I find really special. Such as awards or letters from my second grade self. Those things I think are important to save, so just toss extras, save the really meaningful.

4. Old: Now moving is a great chance to toss out the old. && by this it could be furniture, makeup, anything! Everything eventually needs replacing, so don’t get weighed down by carting around your toaster oven from college, toss it out && buy a shiny new one.

5. Have Fun! Packing can be stressful yes! However it can also be a time to walk down memory lane and to organize your home. So just take a deep breath and open a box!

Good Luck


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