Hello Ladies && Gents!

In my past few posts I have been talking a great deal about my health, and while I think it is important to talk about. I have been missing my weekly beauty reviews. So, I decided to sit down today and get down to business!

First up on the docket…Urban Decay’s Mattifying Powder.



Now I used to use this powder in college and I remembered swearing by it. But of course since the price tag was a little higher than I could afford at the time ($32 for .38 oz) I stopped purchasing it.

Recently, I have noticed my face became more oily through out the day, despite my numerous attempts with new foundations and primers. It was then I recalled this powder && with one quick trip to Ulta, I once again owned this little compact miracle.

Now firstly this compact is adorable. It’s purple and very sturdy in it’s design with out being overly bulky.

This compact also comes with a very sizable mirror which a girl can appreciate when a product lives in ones handbag.



The product itself is a white powder, that has a very light clean smell. When using this powder you can apply it a multiple of ways.

The first, you can apply it under your foundation for longer oily free wear.

Or over your makeup for touch up’s through out the day.

This powder also works well on bare faces to prevent oil.

For the sake of reviewing the product I have tried applying it in all three of these ways && I have to say it does what it says! It definitely de-slicks the face!

 I have tried other “de-slicking” powders before like E.l.f.’s and Maybelline’s however neither compare to this powder.

While I have to agree the price tag for this product is steep, especially for what it does. I definitely think it’s worth the investment if your face tends to get oily like mine.

Instead of me having to practically wipe off my foundation halfway through the day, or risk loosing all my eyeshadow, I can dab this powder on through out the day and keep my makeup looking flawless.

Which to be honest is all I really want from my makeup. Since I spend quite a bit of money on all my beauty obsessions it’s important to me, that it lasts && with the help of this powder that is finally happening!


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