Hello Ladies & & Gents, This week, something happened… I had to be taken to the E.R. (I’m alright. However it certainly gave me a scare.) I haven’t been feeling well. Friday I had this feeling that I was going to faint, so I ate. However I couldn’t stop shaking & & then I fainted. Apparently, I have an infection, and due to my hypoglycemia, my body couldn’t take the stress. I went into shock. Basically, I was told that the reason my condition got so bad, was because I had a panic attack. So, now that I’m slowly feeling better (and my body doesn’t feel like I was hit by a car) I have decided to try and take better care of myself. My first order of business I think is try and eat better. (now in the past few months I have already started working on this) I haven’t been eating fast food && I’ve been craving more water. so I think I just need to keep this up, and keep working towards a better diet. Second order of business, I need to try and find an activity that helps keep my stress level low. I think I’ll start with drawing again (I used to do it ALL the time!) Next, I think I need to start yoga up again. to help my body, and mind. So! looks like 2015 really will be the year of change for me. If any of you have tips in how you keep your stress level low, please tell me in the comments! kisses ❤

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