Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

Happy New Year!!

Beauty wise we all know what the new year means….new makeup products! It’s kind of like an evil trick that cosmetic companies do to us beauty addicts. When Christmas rolls around, we all write, document and even bug for palettes, lipsticks and glorious makeup must have from the year before.

Then, WHAM!! The new year hits, and all of our favorite makeup brands announce a slew of new collections, colors and makeup palettes galore. So what I ask you, must a makeup addict do? They must decided which is the better choice, buying up the pervious years gems or jumping on the newest collection. This for me is a problem every year…

So! To assist in this difficult time, I have decided that for my next few beauty posts I will break down the pros and cons to beauty products new and old, all from the inter webs must have lists.

To kick off this mini little blog series…I will be reviewing Tarte’s Tartelette Eye Shadow Palette.


This is the first eye shadow palette from Tarte to feature matte eyeshadow palettes. (Which they created due to costumer demand…that gives them points for listening). These shadows also are not made with Parabens
or Phthalates (go ahead & add a few more points). Another interesting little tidbit for you environmentally conscious out there, is Tarte is a certified cruelty free makeup company, certified by PETA. (Add like a billion points for this). From this past year myself and countless other beauty junkies across the world have raved about Tarte cosmetics, due to their impressive products and values.

Now, we know that this new pallet doesn’t skimp on the values (which i love, love, love). Now the shades themselves according to Tarte are “As beautifully diverse as the brand’s loyal fans, this sleek, statement palette features tarte’s signature Amazonian clay-infused, long-wear eye shadows in a mix of liner, lid, and crease shadow shades.”

Now, when reading a description like this, i expect the shadows in the palette to be ama-zing. && hands down , lemme just say this palette didn’t disappoint my expectations.

First off, the palettes packaging is smartly compact & sleek. Adorned with a pretty purple and gold color theme, the item itself gives off a very sophisticated look. These features also travels inward when the palette is opened.

Reading like a compact, the palette features a sizable mirror and 12, 0.053 squares of product. Allowing you to have a lot of options. Making this palette the perfect size to be placed in a purse or travel bag.



The shadows themselves are buttery, pigmented and smooth. There ideal for blending, blocking and long wear. In many ways their composition reminds me of the amazonian clay blushes. Pigmented and gorgeous.

&& since these colors range from soft creams to intense browns, the colors are easily build able & wearable.

Over all I think this was a very smart & ideal palette for Tarte to make. Since the price isn’t bank breaking & you can easily use the colors to transition from day to night. I think this palette is a smart addition to any makeup addict’s collection.

Tarte’s Tartlette Eye Shadow Palette = A+

Kisses ❤


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