Hello Ladies & Gents,

This week I am bringing you a very riveting and exciting review…on (drum roll please) the Naked Basics palette 2. Now I know that the original basics palette was called the “must have” nudes palette for any makeup junky out there, however i think it is important to expand and explore our options!


The original palette, was comprised of 6 “nude” shades. Ranging from a very pigmented creamy off white to a dark brown/black. These colors where also housed in a very travel friendly compact palette with a mirror. Now I know that your probably reading this and thinking, okay well I have 6 basic nudes thanks to the original basic palette why would I need to try the new one? Well my friends, its simply, variety.

While the original Basics did bring us 6 basic nudes, it only brought 6 basic cream nudes. Causing the Original Basics Palette to only really be useful in providing you nice under the crease, and inner corner highlighting option.

Since the colors are all relatively similar it also leaves the possibility of combining them and even using more then one, in one daring eyeshadow mission very unlikely. Leaving the range of nude options for any other kind of usage highly under represented, and allowed for Basics 2 to pick up the color slack.

Much like the original Basics palette, Basics two, houses 6 creamy shades in a compact that is identical to its predecessor. Now, these colors also range from creams to a musky black brown. These nude choices however give the option of  using them together or seperate as simple anchors in more complicated eyeshadow endeavors.


While don’t get me wrong, I adore Urban Decay Palettes, I think the original basics left much versatility to the imagination, despite it being purse sized. Now the Basic 2, gives not only a range of tinted creamy shades, but also allows you to to choose a range of options that you can use all those cute little nude shades for. Over all, I have to say I love Basics 2 way more then the original. Good Job Urban Decay!


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