Hello Ladies && Gents!

Today I’m bringing you a little review!


 For my Birthday, my sweet Boyfriend let me pick out a few things from Sephora, && the thing that I had to have, was Stila’s “Eyes are theWindow to the Soul Eyeshadow Palette.” The colors first of all are gorgeous! This Palette has become my go-to must use daily eyeshade palette.


What I adore about this palette, is that it both has glittery shadows & mattes. Now I know what your thinking, so do a million other palettes. However, out of all the palettes that I have tried I think these shadows compliment each other the best. Sometimes I find that shadows in a palette will work well separately but not together. Thus I’m in love with this palette because it give you so much versatility and tons of color combination options.

Now the one thing that I did’t like about this palette, is that while the colors are high quality, if you use a low quality brush it won’t pick up as much pigment, making the colors look muted. I even went out and purchased a high quality all over eyeshadow brush just to use with this palette. Which don’t get me wrong I love brushes. However, after spending the money to buy the palette, it was slightly irritating that I needed a nicer brush to take advantage of all the lovely colors. I think what Stila should have done, much like the Urban Decay Palettes, is to provide a Stila eyeshadow brush, with the purchase of the palette.  This would have saved me not only irritation but some money, making me a much happier customer.

IMG_0651That being said, I have to say that the colors are wonderful. Not only are they creamy, they are very pigmented (once you have the right brush) and they last all day! Which trust me ladies & gents is a must! Especially with glittery shadows. One of my greatest irritations with glitter shadows, is that glitter will fall out during the day. When I commit to these types of shadows, I don’t want the glitter traveling down my face, thats not something I sign up for. So over all, I love this palette. It’s defiantly my current favorite, even despite the fact that I needed a new brush for it.

Just FYI, the shadow brush that I picked up, is the It Cosmetics all Over Shadow Brush from Ulta. The brush is only 19.99 and its duel fiber. I have to say, despite being irritated about having to buy it, this brush works wonders on all the eyeshadows I own. So, over all my additional purchase was not a waste. In fact this brush has convinced me to buy more It Cosmetics products. Ah-OH. Well Ta~Ta for now Ladies & Gents! I will chat with you all very soon!


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