Hello Lovlies! 

Guess what has finally hit stores!

The Lancome Grandiose Mascara!

To say that I was really excited to try this new mascara is an understatement. I have never been disappointed by Lancome mascaras, especially the highly acclaimed Definicils mascara, so going into this review I has high hopes for a new breathtaking formula. && let me just say right off the bat, that I wasn’t disappointed! 

When you first open this little tube (which stands up on it’s own!) the applicator is bent. That’s right you heard me, the wand is bent.

 At first this through me for a loop, because who the heck wants to spend a pretty penny on a wand that essentially looks man handled?



Well ladies && gentlemen, the answer is simple, since 8th grade I have been bending and breaking my mascara wands in order to get more lashes when applying, so why on earth wouldn’t a makeup company have the same idea? For years companies have been dishing out mascaras with “bendable” and “flexible” applicators”, advertising that they will grab and pull all those small lashes out from the corner of your eye to give you amazingly full looking lashes. Despite all the claims however, i haven’t found a mascara that truly delivers when it comes to wresting all my tiny suborn lashes…until now. Since this applicator is already bent, and the brush isn’t overwhelmingly large it fits perfectly into the corner of the eye and simply pulls the lashes from obscurity to a “Grandiose” fan inspired state of being. 

I have officially been wearing this mascara, since it’s launch late last week, and I have to say this is a must have for anyone who loves trying new mascara. The formula is very build-able and leaves the lashes with a subtle shimmer effect. What’s even more amazing, is that it provides both plumping and lengthening in a very natural formula, so you don’t feel like you’re over doing the eye makeup for a simply day to day look.

&& even after I wore this mascara on a very busy 12 hour day, it did’t flake. Which, to be is a huge plus, because I don’t want to feel like I loose product through out the day.

When you are ready to shed your makeup layers however, this mascara comes off very easy. I was even able to take it all off with simple soap and water. So even if you don’t want to invest in makeup remover, this mascara won’t let you down in terms of wear and usefulness. 

Over all, I have to say I give this mascara a A+

Lancome did and amazing job when it came to not only the original applicator wand and the formula. I think I have officially found a new makeup staple! 

~ Kisses!

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