Week 1: Weight Loss Journey

This year I have a few major goals: Graduate from College with my BA, Start my Tattoo sleeve, and finally loose my “college” hibernation weight. Firstly lets start with some background, Im 5’3 & 1/2, medium build and iv’e never been on average “skinny.” My sophomore year of college, I had a panic attack that pulled one of ribs out of place, cause me to be sidelined from school and work for almost two months. During that time i dropped to my lowest weight of 110 pounds. Which for my height is just a little under healthy. Since then i’ve had trouble regaining a healthy body image. That however, i am determined to change, Currently i weight (drum-roll please) 153 pounds. This weight is to heavy for my body size and for myself personally. Thus I’m starting this goal of loosing 10-20 pounds this year. After i was ill, i had a difficult time understanding what healthy meant, so part of my journey this year is not only to kick my body into shape but also to reaffirm the idea of “healthy and happy.” This journey i don’t want to happen over a month period, i want to loose this weight healthy and gradually, i want to be healthy not skinny.

Now with all that being said, this was week one of my little journey. I wasn’t able to exercise everyday, however I ‘m eating healthy and more often. Lots of bananas, avocados, and yogurt. I’ve been trying to stretch everyday (this helps my ribs and my lower back) which i can already tell a difference. While I’m not seeing anything significant in my size, my body feels mire relaxed, which I’m taking as a good sign. Im also craving more water. Over all I think that my first week is showing some progress. My mother used to say “things happen in baby steps” and these baby steps are preparing me for my over all journey. I can’t wait for my next week.



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Hello. My name is Victoria. Born and raised in New Mexico. I have experienced my fair share of houses. However, it is here, in this self-titled blog, that I have truly found my home. Here I document everything I love. (& that is a lot) I find life intoxicating. Everything from places to a good read (shoot-even bad reads) food, makeup, experiences…my life. I document here. In hopes of trapping the beauty of the world, I see around me. I have been told I see the world through rose-colored spectacles. & I intend to share it that way. Here I hope to discover, discarded and rediscover who I am, how I interact with the world, and who I inspire to be. I hope you find joy in my writing, and hopefully, you also will write something to me.

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