This week is FINALS WEEK…while I’m completely ecstatic the semester will be ending. It makes me some what nervous. Entering college everyone asks you what you want to do with your life, and there are often generic and uncreative answers: astronaut, teacher, car salesmen. Its not until later that your answer is spouse to become more specific and ultimately reflect who you are as an individual. Then more frightening on the eve on an impending graduation everyone asks what you want to do. There is no right or wrong answer, however that is what everyone is expecting. Your spouse to say something like children’s physician or micro biologist. At the time you graduate your spouse to be completely confident in your education and professional choices and take that leap of faith. However, when your mind goes black, and everything around you spins out of control, reality smacks you straight in the face: your graduating, its time to have a plan. To be adult. To be responsible. To be excepting of who you are. The problem is…that i don’t think self development ends with college graduation or a birthday, I believe its a life long adventure. And for that soul reason, i won’t have an answer for those who ask me what i want to do in life. All i simply know is that i want to be happy.

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