“The writing style lacks…well, it lacks style.

I also have a huge moral issue with the relationships Meyers creates between her characters. They’re always unhealthy and abusive. Ick.”


“Let me start off by saying that I wanted to like this book sooooooo very much. But unfortunately I was disappointed. I was excited about Stephanie’s description of a love triangle with only two bodies, and that the book was advertised as an “Adult” book.”


“Talk about an emotional roller coaster!!!! This book was very difficult to rate. If someone were to ask me, “Was it good?” I’d have to think for a long time and then say, “No…. Well… yes, sorta…. No… It was ok.” But if someone were to ask me if I’d enjoyed it, I’d instantly reply, “Yes!” Would I read it again? Probably not. Was it exciting? On occasion. Was in interesting? Very much so, in my opinion. Was it weird? YES!”

These little tidbits off reviews come from the Goodreads cite about, Stephanie Meyer’s book The Host. I read this book with little hope for anything deep and meaningful from Mis Meyer, however I was somewhat pleasantly surprised. Like some of this books reviewers before me, i took issues with the love-teen angle of this book. Plus the writing style has prose issues, and the characters seemed to…odd to be placed in some of the situations that were presented. However the most interesting aspect form me, was this idea of re-birth. But firstly the description of said book:

It’s been years since parasitic aliens calling themselves “Souls” have invaded Earth and taken over. Once a “Soul” is placed in a human host, the alien takes over and suppresses the human’s mind. But when Wanderer awakes in her new body, she finds that her human host isn’t so easily overcome. Melanie, her younger brother, and the man that she loves have been in hiding; and she’ll do anything to get back to them, even resist the alien parasite that has taken over her body.

Now then this idea of having two minds in the same body, I think gave the story a type of depth that many people over look. This idea of fitting with not only yourself for the things you want but also someone else i think speaks true to many relationships. Not to mention that irritating concept of a split personality gave the book a sometimes bipolar issue. However, (SPOILER ALERT) at the end of the book when Melanie the main character and Wanda find their own bodies again, Meyer illustrated the importance of identifying with not only who you are, but also who you are presenting yourself as. By presenting this attainable confidence through rebirth in this story, i think Meyer presented readers with an interesting question: are you happy with you are inside & out?

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