This is the first blog that i have tried to undertake, and i want to be able to make my blog powerful, and yet interesting. But there in lies the problem, since i have work, school, and a home life to look after, sometimes my opinions come up a little short. How then can i really make an impact in a platform thats about exactly that: being opinionated? & then it occurred to me that I’m over thinking the idea behind a blog. To me a blog is something that people in coffee houses write, that they do to simply express what in ht world they feel contempt toward. To me i have nothing that power to comment about. Unless it comes to where i want to eat in a week or even what type for movie i want to see. then it hit me i need to write about whats important to me, and this week for some unknown reason that important issues happens to be: Starbucks. 

Thats right you read it. This full time college student who has access to any type of information in the world, simply spends her time thinking about Starbucks. For instance, i completely understand that Starbucks is a very heath aware business. However, i still don’t understand why they don’t deliver. I think they aren’t marking enough in the direction of a “personal coffee’ delivery system. Now i know what your thinking. Starbucks doesn’t need to deliver. But! have you ever been in a meeting or staying up late, dragging along, thinking simply about your favorite type of Starbucks drink? Yup. we all do it. Now just think if by calling, or entering some info on your computer a barista would show up at your door with your favorite type of coffee in hand. Wouldn’t it just be like christmas in july?

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