One thing my amazing readers that I think is important to know about me is i have quite a few tattoos. Some of these are visible on my arms. Now, i often get comments about them, some of them are positive, and some negative however I try to keep an open mind about other peoples views.

That being said, I think that its important to remember that tattoos are only on the skin, they do not effect who the person is. Now they may comment on a persons character or their personality but they do not inherently effect who they are. For instance not everyone with tattoos went to prison.

tattoos in current years have been more widely excepted & done, however there still needs to be strives in how people with tattoos are received. Especially when it comes to the workplace. I work at a upscale retailer, and i am allowed to show my tattoos. However having tattoos has been linked to issues with attaining jobs and fitting in the work place. This idea that something on your skin can effect how people receive you reflects the issues that Americans have been fitting for years. Pregidus. Tattoos are a persons way of expression, they are not meant to be a bull eyes for people to  use against them.

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