Christmas is around the corner…which means that it will be time for mandatory shopping sprees, blog posts about pumpkin spice (everything) and cramming sessions. Now the i have two huge issues that come with all the jolly santa-joy and the cold weather.

1. finals

2. shopping for the boyfriend

Now of corse the bigger of the two is the first, but then why does the latter freak me out that much more. My theory is that i have an innate urge to be down right amazing everyday of the week. Even on a holiday when amazing is hard to reach. After all being in college and trying to achieve the perfect gift is down right almost impossible. Especially since most of the good presents are always oer $100. Which in my case is just a tad bit to much.

In addition to this “OMG, what is the perfect gift” fiasco, i worry about what level my relationship is at compares to the intensity of the gift im giving. For instance its not okay two give your boyfriend of three years a pack of gum. But its to crazy to buy a car. There in lies the problem. Someone out there, needs ti write a xmas giving gift guide in relation to how ling you’ve been with someone. That little guide would save me plenty of head quakes. Thus my point to this little rant is…i think my BF is getting a tshit and a pack of gum. I think its a nice mid point between ” I love you lets be together forever” and hey i like you but were not on that level.

Ah christmas how you drive me crazy so.


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