Recently, my little brother tried to commit suicide. Now while this topic is very sensitive for me, and i know sensitive for other people, i wanted to make the point of writing down my thoughts, fears and realizations. Simply becouse this type of issue isn’t one that simply goes away, and once in a while everyone needs council.

thankfully my little brother is fine..he is getting help and he is doing much better. However I’m still having issues coming to terms with the reality that he tried to do this. Many people have told me that all i can do is be supportive, that i cant make him upset about it and that things will work out slowly. However while this is sound advice i have reoccurring fears that one day we will succeed in what he tried to do. Now i know, that if someone truly wants that that there is nothing that you can do to stop them. & yet as a bystander i feel utterly useless. i want to hold him and cry and tell him life isn’t as bad as it seems. But even as i think that i want to cry, because life is  hard and sometimes it gets the best of us….

what people dont talk about when it comes to suicide is how deeply it effects not only those who do it, but the poeple around them. questions float around in my mind, such as why, or what could i have done? and then i feel lost. Sometime life truly doenst give us a fair spin, but even so, im learning that the hard

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