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Hello Las Vegas

A few snapshots from my recent trip to Vegas!


Easter Adventures !

Hello Everyone! && Happy Easter !! I took some cute photos today however I am a tad more tired then I was expecting! IN the next few days ill post a mini look book of my days events. Without all my fun photos, I still wanted to make sure that I took the time to day to wish all of you a happy holiday! … Read More Easter Adventures !


Week 1: Weight Loss Journey

This year I have a few major goals: Graduate from College with my BA, Start my Tattoo sleeve, and finally loose my “college” hibernation weight. Firstly lets start with some background, Im 5’3 & 1/2, medium build and iv’e never been on average “skinny.” My sophomore year of college, I had a panic attack that pulled one of ribs out of place, cause me … Read More Week 1: Weight Loss Journey