What’s your favorite city? What do you like about it? 

This is such a hard question… up until recently, I have always said that Chicago was my favorite city. However, I haven’t been back recently… So I don’t know if my favorite part of the town has changed. (Sad, I know. I must go visit again).

Perhaps now, more so than ever my favorite city is my current city. Albuquerque.

Recently I have been seeing and experiencing new things that I didn’t even know happened in ABQ. Like underground art shows, pop-up music festivals and street parties. To me, I love places that have energy…&& finding that in my own back yard has been wonderful.

I know, that often Albuquerque gets a bad rap. (Even from people who live here) But truthfully, some of the passionate, creative, loving and inspiring people I have ever met live here.

To me, this city is a gem that hasn’t been fully discovered yet. && to those that have stumbled upon its beauty, will always carry a piece of southwestern magic with them.

– Till Tomorrow

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