This year, Christmas seems closer than normal. Granted the holidays are normally one of my favorite times of the year (& I begin my celebrations and decorating way too early), but this year will be particularly interesting, since we are expecting Tristen on December 29. 

On Monday, it will mark 60 days till Tristen’s due date. & If we were having coffee right now, accompanied by Halloween themed cookies (can you tell what I’m munching on?) I would tell you I’m knocking on wood he comes close to new years.

Partly because even though I think him arriving close to Christmas would be an amazing gift, I also don’t want him to feel like he never gets to properly celebrate his birthday. Thus I have a plan. If he can come (knocks on wood) closer to new years, then in 21 years I can tell him, that I got him the best gift ever. A 21 birthday close to one of the biggest party holidays of the year. Pretty amazing gift, am I right?

But, I know what you are all thinking, babies, don’t follow plans. So… I am just going to keep my fingers crossed and keep knocking on wood.

For those of you that are parents, when where you hoping for your little bundle to arrive?


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