This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a mini-vacation to Pleasent Grove, Utah. My boyfriend (otherwise known as man-friend Jones) has family (lots of it) who lives there. Every few years they have a (huge) family reunion. Thankfully this year we were able to join them!

I have never been to Utah && it is incredibly gorgeous ! Being from New Mexico, I often have a touch of shock when I see green! && Utah valley has lots of it ! (It was gorgeous!)

Utah Valley is just that, a valley, so it nestled in between miles (&& miles) of mountains. It’s really a breathtaking sight to wake up to cloud covered peaks right next to your window.

We are talking about visiting Utah more often (yay!) because I desperately want to explore && really get to know the family we have there.

Everyone was also so friendly, I can’t wait to go again! This was such a fun mini trip. Where have you been wanting to visit ? Tell me in the comments !

(PS! Take a peek at my Vlog from the trip!)


3 Comments on “Vacationing in Pleasent Grove, Utah

  1. I’ve pretty much covered the whole of the US except for Washington State. Seattle looks like a winner, if I can stand the rain. I strikes me that I could visit, and it might not rain one day. Or I could gear up and grin and bear it. Once I’ve made the decision to go however, I WILL find a way to enjoy it. So, one fine day, Washington State…here I come!

    • When you go to visit I would love to hear about your trip! I myself haven’t been that far into the woods, but i find the allure of green trees wonderous 🙂

      • Being in nature is a spiritual experience. When you need to just breath, nature is the place to do so. Trees are life to us humans, so the more the merrier. Plus, if their tall trees, you can look up through them at the sky. We must always remember to look up!

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