Before you read this review I must add a DISCLAIMER….


Therefore I automatically love all of her collaborations & projects. To me, the women is an inspiration. I even want to tattoo lyrics from the No Doubt’s “Return to Saturn” Album on my arm. (I REALLY AM! Seriously if you haven’t listened to this album, its a MUST!!!)

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Now, back to why everyone clicked on this post…the makeup review !

When I heard that Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani were collaborating together to bring an exclusive range of products, I fangirled a little bit (okay maybe a lot a bit) ….

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Unfortunately, when the range launched, my bank account told me very firmly, I would need to fangirl from afar. However, when I had funds to pick up some things for the Blog, I  immediately searched for my Gwen Stefani fix.

To my surprise, when I went to they had a sale on the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Blush Palette (Again…insert Fangirl scream!) Thus the palette came home with me!

Now if after reading my review, you want the palette for your own, it’s no longer available on (SADFACE!) BUT! The eyeshadow palette is now on sale, so grab it, while the getting is good!

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(Back to your feature programming…) The Blush Palette is just down right adorable ! All the names for the shades are references to Gwen Stefani’s songs (OMG, right?)

&& of course keeping with her style in mind, the palette itself is a nod to her rocker/Indi roots. (Making it the perfect piece for display)

In this palette, there are a total of 6 shades, Cherry (a baby pink), Easy (a darker pink w/ shimmer), Angle (a light tan), Lo-Fi (A creamy brown, with grey undertones), Hush (a rose gold creme w/ light shimmer), and OC (a pigmented peach).

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Urban Decay doesn’t disappoint with this palette, everything is nicely pigmented. (&& even with shades that are a touch too light for me to work with as a blush or bronzer, I am able to get enough pigmentation for light highlights)

My current favorite combination of these hues is to use Lo-Fi as my bronzer, Easy along the apples of my cheeks & along my smile line, && to toss in a few pops of Angle for a bit of a natural highlight.

Since picking up this Palette, I haven’t been using any other bronzer or blush. I am complete obsessed. Needless to say, I high recommend this. && not just become it’s by Gwen Stefani. The colors don’t disappoint & I am finding that it has the perfect colors for my summer skin.

What palette have you been dying to try? Tell me in the comments !




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    • Thank you ! 💕 I was going to do a makeup look on my YouTube channel, using the palette should I do one on my blog to ? 🙂

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