Vacation….everyone needs one! (Cheers to the summer, let the vacationing, camping, traveling && lazy summer days begin!)

Over the next few month’s I have planned quite a few trips! (Don’t worry, I plan on sharing travel info, packing tips && much more !)

One of the places that I have been looking at visiting is a little place next to a beach in Mexico. (Omg BEACH!) && (OMG MEXICO!)

But as I prepare for my beach getaway…it occurred to me what on earth do you take to the beach? (I have only been once&& it was so cold you didn’t want to lay out enjoy the weather)

Thus, with a little help from HomeAway, I have been able to make my perfect Weekend Getaway Travel Essential┬álist! (Can’t forget anything!)


Awe, I can smell that beach air already!

Everything on my checklist is guaranteed to help anyone have the perfect day at the beach! Whether that means reading under some much-needed shade or jumping around in the water with a beach ball. (&& of course no list of mine would be complete without a camera to capture all the fun in the sun!)

Do you have a place that you can’t wait to visit ? (Leave it in the comments ! ) Or do you need some travel suggestions? No problem, visit HomeAway, for the best summer vacation suggestions, travel help & more !


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