I like so many, adore Instagram. (maybe obsession is a better word…) !

Thus I spend quite some time playing with photos, apps and (worshiping) my favorite Instagram feeds.

&& I thought it would be fun to share some of my Instagram musts! So first things, first, lets talk about…

(Drool) Worthy Feeds 


Victoria (AKA InTheFrow) is a blogger, youtuber && Instagram powerhouse. She keeps her feed, light, fun and updates daily (sometimes multiple times in one day). A lovely thing about her feed is she also rotates between selfies, food and amazing views (so you never get board!)



Claire Marshall, is a youtuber who is just a must sub. Her unique rock/indie outlook on life really shines in all aspects of style. Thus her Instagram is quite unique, it often highlights textures (such as a brick wall or a hammock) with in each image.



Taylor, is a power house creative. She incorporates her own drawings into each of her images. (making them really pop of the screen !)


Must Have Apps 


I have a few key photo apps, that I think are a necessity for my fellow Insta obsessed fends.


This is a new favorite of mine. However, it packs a punch. If you love bright filters, custom settings and more, this app is a must.

Fav Filter: Punch


This app, has been talked about to death online. However I think it’s still important to recognize. This little beauty allows you to work on the most customizable filters around (& you can save them). So if you want your whole insta theme to have the save filter (this app is for you!)

Tip: if you like the custom filter you made on a certain image. Click it & hit “Copy Edits”. Then if you go onto a new image & hit “paste edits” you can use that same filter. (Pretty nifty huh?)


This App is not as celebrated as it’s computer counter part. However, it still has the same great functions. (Granted not as in depth..but it’s powerful for a mobil application).

In this little beauty edited everything from filters, adjustments to cropping.


This app became famous for how it can manipulate someones face to the EXTREME. However I like it for feature such as “Whiten”. Whiten is recommended for fixing teeth in your photos, however I like using it to make white pop, and for the occasional white out look.

The sharpen tool in this app, is also top notch. (Just look at the mountains in the image to the right!…dang)


This app is flipping genius. For those of you who obsess over Insta continuity this app is a dream. It will load your current feed, && allow you to load an image your considering for Instagram into the app, to check how it looks among your other photos.

No more posting & deleting my friends !


There are many photo editing apps out there!

Whats your favorite?


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