I have often found myself staring at the PhysiciansFormula section at my local drug store, wondering if I should take the plunge and snag a few items. It wasn’t until I spotted the “Shimmer Strips All-In-1 Custom Nude Palette for Face & Eyes” ($13.95) that I finally dropped my first Physicians Formula find into my shopping basket.

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What always strikes me about Physicians Formula products is how cute the packaging is. (Like really? lace && a cute bow…it’s like it has a giant sign on it that has my name written all over it).

My first every Physicians Formula Product is described on their site as being :

  • hypoallergenic
  • gluten free
  •  paraben-free
  • dermatologist approved
  • non-comedogenic

Inside this (flipping) adorable little packing are 12 shadows that also work as blush, bronzers and highlighters.


There’s bows on the shadows to…omg (CUTE!) 

What surprised me most about this product is how pigmented they are! I love shimmer, so to find a product with excellent payoff at the drug store just is a dream come true. (yay! drug store dreams)

I started playing around with these little beauties for shadow use, however I found that these were just a tad bit to powdery for my eyes.(The colors while being so lovey & pigmented didn’t last long against my oily lids). So! Instead I started experimenting with the colors as a bronzer/ blush/ highlighter.

&& lemme just say…I LOVE this little palette. All March long, this is what I have been reaching for to put that little extra pop of color onto my cheeks.

I have found I especially enjoy using my blush brush to mix the top two rows together to add that little extra pop of shine over my blush. I also have been enjoying dusting my brush across the entire color selection for my bronzer &highlighter needs.

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This palette also comes with a mini mirror & 2 brush applicators (plus some tips). Making this the perfect thing to add into your makeup bag, for mid day touch ups. With so many different possible uses it defiantly cuts back on the makeup bag clutter!

Over all I was pleasantly surprised with this little product! It’s versatility && payoff have won my admiration (&& major curiosity) for the Physicians Formula line. Now I just must try some other products in their range.

Is there something you would like me to review from Physicians Formula? Leave it in the comments!


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