It’s time for another review! The past month I have been putting to the test the famous, the fabulous, Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation by Hourglass (please read in a WWE announcer voice).

Here are some facts: (Via

Retail: $55 for 1.0 FL o.z.

What it is:
A breakthrough liquid-to-powder foundation formula that absorbs oil, camouflages imperfections, and delivers a long-lasting, velvet-matte finish

What it does:
This high-tech foundation incorporates cashmere kaolinite clay, which offers exceptional oil absorption—absorbing 75 percent of its weight in sebum while retaining the skin’s natural moisture. The oil-free, humidity-proof, and water-resistant formula transforms instantly from liquid to powder creating an all-day finish that camouflages imperfections and never looks dull or flat. Immaculate’s superfine treated pigments provide unsurpassed coverage without looking cakey or mask-like, and effectively eliminate the need for powder, blotting, or constant touch-ups throughout the day.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Phthalates

Now that quite a flew claims rolled into that description. According to the interwebs and the reviews on this product, this is foundation is a godsend for anyone dealing with oily probs.

That being said, even with all the raving reviews I was a bit curious for myself. Either this foundation is blessed by the cosmos or it’s well hyped.

Thus ! The test began.

Firstly I had to take a look at the packaging. Hourglass always has very simple yet high end looking packaging. So the bottle is very lovely. This foundation also comes with a pump (thank goodness! ) The pump however, does get a bit messy, and is easy to break. (I have picked up a replacement pump for mine alread). Also with the solid packing on the bottle, it can be difficult to tell how much foundation is in the bottle.

What I can say most defiantly is that this foundation feels flipping amazing. It defiantly has that “velvet” feeling down. It also applies very even, even for being a medium to full coverage foundation. (No streaking!)

A word of warning for thoughts that would like to try this foundation, who don’t deal with oil problems (or have normal to combination skin). This foundation is geared to work with oil, so if you have any dry spots, or perhaps didn’t moisturize well in one area, this foundation will stick to it like glue and make your skin in those area look flaky.

Since this is geared toward oily skin, I was excited to see how it held up through out the day. The first thing I noticed, is that this foundation oxidizes a bit (in other words, the color of the foundation darkens when it comes into contact with oxygen).

That being said, this didn’t bother me to much. It didn’t oxidize terribly, and it mostly had that effect in my most oily areas. I would suggest trying a shade down from your normal color.

The first day I wore this foundation, I had a packed 11 hour day. What I can tell you you is this foundation is in no way long wearing. While it did fight my oil for a good 5 hours, I was seeing foundation breakdown shortly after that. Especially in my t-zone.

While I’m accustomed to touch ups needs through out the day, I don’t like when my foundation breaks down so much it creases and can be moved around my face. It was almost like the oil on my skin collected under the foundation and caused it to shift.

Up until the breakdown, my foundation did look very lovely. I even receive compliments on the evenness of the foundation.

While i adore Hourglass, I don’t think this foundation is worth spending $55. With it’s short wear and the breakdown that happens at the end of the day, there are more affordable long wearing options.

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think?




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