Hello Ladies && Gents!!

Please insert a drumroll!! Since my monthly bag/box subscriptions have recently been growing in number as of late, I have decided to share with ya’ll ALL of my monthly subscriptions.

Which means the addition of a few new monthly themed posts ! (Yay)





This monthly subscription bag arrives once a month, and all of the items inside revolve around Lips only! Which for someone who is obsessed with lip products this bag is a steal at $7.99 a month. Plus in addition to receiving almost ALL full-sized product, once a month they toss is a MMU product, which is a non lip, product just for kicks. (Loving this already? me to!)

Now then with out further wait lets dive into this month’s November Lippy Bag! (Ps. I will specify which of the items I received where full sized !)


Ofra Lipliner in Silk FULL SIZED ITEM $13

This lipliner is a made from a very creamy formula, and is very pink/peach in pigment. I think this is a very nice daily lipliner, since it adds a natural hue to your lips. One word of worming about this liner though, since its made of such a creamy consistency it can break. So don’t push to hard on your lips! Other wise I adored the color and consistency of this product!


Jessie’s Girl Liquid Glass Lipstick $4.99

This is a baby pink lip glass, very light coverage. Once again I think this is a nice very day product. The consistency isn’t to heavy and its easily build-able. The smell however tosses me for a loop, cause it’s a tad fruity but chemically. Over all I like this product, however I think you could get a nicer smell and coverage from another brand.


NYC Expert Last Lipstick in Berry Me, FULL SIZED $1.99

Now, I haven’t worn NYC products since I have been in middle school…why? Because I personally find most NYC products very drugstore, with light pigments && chemically smells. HOWEVER, this lipstick was not like that at all! The color is a very pretty light berry, and it stays on your lips like the label promises!

I wore this color two days in a row because of how creamy and lovely the color is. If ya’ll are looking for a nice, cheeper alternative to a fall berry color, go pick tis up! It’s becoming one of my favorites.


Crown Lip Brush FULL SIZED $3

I love being sent brushes in monthly bags, because it allows me to try brands that I didn’t know about or have missed through the grape vine. This particular brush reminded me a lot of the E.l.f. 3 dollar brushes. It’s soft, dense, and I think a good “okay to totally destroy” lip brush (which yes i tend to do this since i love lip stains). So over all I think this is a good stater lip brush, or if your like me, and enjoyer quality brushes you can “totally destroy” && not cry about the prince. =)




MMU City Color Cosmetics White Gold Shadow & Highlighting Moose FULL SIZED $4

I have recently been really into makeup that doesn’t take  me a million years to put on. This little moose give you a nice highlight with on to much effort && when placed on the eyes it doesn’t creese. I think I’ll have to try other products similar to this because it gives you a very versitile product.

There you have it ladies && Gents! This month I received 4 full sized products and received a bag for a value of $26.98

Not to bad I have to say! If you enjoyed this new installment to my monthly subscriptions please let me know! Or if you ave bags you would like me to try, leave them in the comments!


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