Hello Ladies && Gents!


It’s time for another riveting and exciting IPSY monthly review!!

Now lets first discuss September’s Beauty bag. Can you say punk rock? I loved the bag that came with this month subscription, silver and studded out, to me it reflected the impending days of leather jackets and boots. This theme carried all the way into the bag..


Cailyn Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss:

Now when I unboxed this month’s IPSY bag, i was so stocked for the red lip gloss. I was pumped to show case my favorite red lip combos for the new season. However when it came time for application I was surprised to discover that this color was actually a dark purple red color. Which I have to say made me love this color even more…until application. The color made me want to love this lip product, however it is very tacky and causes everything from hair to dust to stick to your lips. Over all I loved the idea of this product more then the actual product. Tackiness is something that causes me a constant source of irritation because it ends up on EVERYTHING && all I want to do is take it off. One positive note about this product is the color is nicely pigmented and is long lasting. However it is still not one of my favorites. Now don’t get me wrong I still love the color, so instead in investing in a bottle of this lip gloss, ill be on the hunt for a similar color in a more manageable lip product. IMG_0831

Pacifica Natural Minerals Eye Liner Pencil in 03F4:

First off, I think the name of this product is very under-whelming. When I popped this baby open I was expecting some cheap drug store coal liner that had no color pay off and was anything but surprising. That, however is exactly what I was, surprised.  This color comes off as a grey glittery pigment, that does not over whelm in color pay off does provide a nice accent color for under the eye. Personally, I adored this pencil line, and have worn it in various places around my eyes. By far my favorite position for this color is the outer lower and inner last line. Since its a glittery grey the color gives a nice high light under the eye. Not to mention this color is a trouper. Even wearing it through a long 12 hour day, when I went to take my makeup off it was still hanging out with me when it was time for my nightly cleanse. This product is a defiant must try.IMG_0827

Mitchell and Peach English Flowers Luxury Hand Cream:

Now let me just say out of all 5 products that came in this months IPSY bag, this was by far my favorite. This lotion wasn’t tacky, sticky or overly fragrant. Instead it was what I expect out of a moisturizer, simple, soothing and it works. I carried this little puppy around with me all month. And I have already polished off my small sample tube. What impressed me the most, was it was able to sooth my dried, overly worked, cracked hands and helped keep them moisturize for hours. By far this is one my my favorite moisturizers I have EVER tried. This one my friends is a defiant purchase item.  IMG_0825

Nourish Organic Moistening Creme Face Cleanser in Cucumber and Watergrass:

Now I only used this face wash a few times, and the reason being I wasn’t to invested in giving the product a full go, just because my face is still freaking out from my most resent face cleaning product that I have added to my routine, my Clairisonic. When i did give this product a go I have to confirm that this product is moisturizing. Now, I wasn’t really convinced on the cleanliness of my face when I used this product, however it was a nice soothing cream. Has anyone else given this product a longer go then simply a few days? If so what where your thoughts ?

IMG_0003 IMG_0004

(lol I forgot to take Artsy Pictures of the brush! Sorry)

Crown Brush C476 Crease/Shadow Brush:

When I opened my bag and discovered a brush, I was so ecstatic. I love adding brushed to my collection. This brush is a synthetic fiber brush and is duel sided (which i never really like). I had never herd of this brand of brushes before and have discovered that; Crown Brush

… is recognized by the beauty industry as the global leader in cosmetic brushes. With over 30 years of brush making experience, Crown manufactures and delivers products to over 80 countries worldwide. We have a manufacturing capacity of over 80,000 brushes per day and growing.

Crown Brush is a makeup brush and cosmetic manufacturer that offers the largest selection with the best quality at the best price. We also have offices in 6 different countries. We are one of the largest and most trusted brands in the industry. Our clients include everyone from individual artists to senior buyers for global retail chain stores. We are capable of turning a product from conception to completion faster than any other brush company. Whether the customer is looking for private label or customized products, Crown can deliver superior products at the best and lowest prices.

When using the brush I have to say it’s pretty decent. It’s not most favorite brush in the world however it gets the job done and is nice and soft. On thing I have to say about this brush is that color payoff is nothing to write hope about, however it makes colors very build able.

September seems to have come and gone so fast! And once again another IPSY bag review is done! I loved the fall themed bag and considerate product from this month. It really puts me in the mood for fire place weather && Pumpkin spice everything. haha. Alright everyone, thats it for me! Comment if you have tried any of these products and let me know what you thought of them! (I Love reading your comments =) )


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