When I get ready to read a book, I try not to concentrate to much on how popular an author is or how much praise a book is getting. I think that reviews can often drown away stories that truly deserve recognition. That being said I’m a sucker for books that are given to me as gifts. If someone takes the time to give me a book to read, I can’t help but want to read it immediately. To me, if someone gifts me a story they must truly have loved it as well. This type of situation is how i received “The Fault in Our Stars.”
As a disclaimer I’m not going to offer many details on the story itself, however I will say this, this book was a shinning example for what it is like to live with a condition or an illness. To me, I find it hard to find stories that shed light on issues that other people would rather avoid. In this story, the author tackles cancer and everything that goes along with it. The main character Hazel, has to deal with the fact that she will one day (probably sooner then later) die of cancer. This shattering and uplifting issue of an impending death through out the story is one reason that I fell in love with this story so quickly. Living with an illness or any type of condition is a constant reminder of how fragile and how uncertain life can be. Being hypoglycemic I found the story refreshing. Not many people or authors for that matter are as blatant or honest about the turmoils that life can through at you. This book, and Hazel represent that even though there are downs that seem over whelming even crippling at times, will also show how beautiful and amazing life truly can be.
I highly suggest reading this book. Not only will it refresh you’r outlook on life, but it will also make you realize that life is complex. That complexity however is what makes it so worth while.

♡ Kisses

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