Every year Albuquerque is taken over… (literally, our population doubles in size for an entire week)! This crazy, hectic week that comes every October, is the time that we celebrate the Internation Balloon Fiesta. Folks travel from cross country & in some cases across the world to see the magic and experience the joy of hot air balloons. 

This time of year is one of my favorites. To me, when balloons start rising in the sky, autumn is officially here. (You see, hot air balloons can only float on cold air currents limiting them to colder times of the year, so it makes them the perfect sign that cold weather has finally appeared.)

& like many ABQ natives, a visit (or five) to the International Balloon Fiesta is a must. This year, we were able to attend the festivities twice. Once, during the opening day of the Fiesta (which, if you have never been to the Fiesta, you MUST go to a morning session.) Morning sessions are just breathtaking.

Ideally, due to traffic and the time it takes to get into Balloon Fiesta Park, you will want to leave around 4 am. Now I know what your thinking. 4am?! (& no, im not losing my mind lol). You see so many people attend the festivities there is a line for EVERYTHING (Literally…). Plus if you get there early, you can snag a cup of coffee, a burrito and find an ideal spot to watch the balloons rise.

Morning sessions have always been my favorite. The combination of enjoying a steaming hot cup of joe, while the sun rises behind a fleet of hot air balloons is just MAGIC.

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This year we were also able to attend an evening session. At night the fiesta kicks off the festivities with Balloon glows. A balloon glow is when all the balloons available light up at the same time. (OMG, its brilliant). If you stay after the glow, often the park will host a firework show, laser light show, and a concert. So there is plenty to do!


The particular glow we attend was a special shapes event. In addition to normal balloons, there is also a slew of balloons in different character shapes. For instance, there is spider pig from the Simpsons, smokey the bear and many many more.

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Oh, I adore the Balloons. But, it will be another year till this unqiue event will come round again. But, next year’s Fiesta will be one of the memory books indeed. As we will be joined by our little man Tristen for his first event. How exciting!

What is your favorite fall event? Let me know in the comments!

– Till next time!

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