Only recently have I begun to tinker in the kitchen. However, one thing I have found I enjoy making is candy bark. Since it is simple to make and quite fun, I had to have it at my gender reveal party & of course! I wanted to share my go to recipe. 


For my gender reveal party I chose blue and pink chocolates that I topped with white chocolate and peanut butter. However, experiment and use your favorite colors, add sprinkles any thing you want! Bark is really a non stress desert so remember to have fun.

Things you will need:

  • chocolate
  • microwave safe bowls
  • baking sheets
  • bark sheet (optional)
  • something to stir with
  • Freezer Space


My favorite chocolate to use is by the brand Wilton. They create chocolates in a verity of colors and have many additional flavor options, such as caramel and peanut butter. For those that are looking for a easy fast recipe, this is it. With the Wilton chocolate melts, you can heat them in microwave safe bowls or in their bags. Leaving a stressless clean up.


For the Wilton candy melts, pop them into the microwave for 90 seconds, then stir. (If you are making the Wilton peanut butter & caramel, they only need 30 seconds in their bags) Keep in mind the bowl will be hot, so be careful!

1 full sized bag of the Wilton melts, successfully makes 1 sheet of bark. So keep in mind you don’t need to much chocolate for this project. Unless your making for a large group or party (or a gender reveal party haha).

After you have your candy melted. Place onto a baking sheet. (The sheet can either be on its own or in a flexible bark sheet, but it’s not a necessity).

After pouring the candy out onto your baking sheet, make sure to spread it evenly. I like making my bark into a large rectangle. However you can make any shape you would like. Keep in mind, that the thicker of a layer of your chocolate is the thicker your bark will be.

After you have finished with your base layer of chocolate, its time to decorate & add flavor! For my bark, I have added peanut butter and white chocolate. (This is also the time to add sprinkles or other items like peanuts).


After you have added your toppings your all done! Place into the freezer for 6 – 12 hours to let set. Then break it apart & serve it.


Hope you enjoy! & let me know what your favorite at home treats to make in the comments below.

-Till Next Time!

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