Did you know puppies have this unique ability to do all the things in the world possible to drive you bonkers… & yet you adore them to pieces?

Here I have collected a few accounts of Baby Joey’s miss-adventures, training challenges and a few of the reasons I adore him.

Wet-Dreams (puppy version): 

Baby Joey, has this tendency to sleep so deeply; he is the most adorable little baby fluff you have ever seen. However, because he has the gift of deep-sleep as many babies do, he does not know when he needs to wake up and go to the restroom. So every now and then he will be enjoying a deep snooze, and suddenly a little puddle forms underneath him.

Now, the first time this happened, I had a flow of irritation run through me. Then, he jumped up and cried. He doesn’t like to wet his sleeping place. So every time this occurs there immediately is a show of puppy cries, and his runs off to the bathroom were he trys to crawl into the tub for a bath. If anything I should count my blessing he doesn’t enjoy being covered in pee. Now we if  I can only manage to teach him not to piddle in his sleep.

Hello- Kisses: 

We have four other dogs including Baby Joey. They all, depending on the day either want to play with him or think he is a nat. Either way, I always find there interaction entertaining. Recently Joey has learned that if he incessantly licks the other dog’s faces they will retreat to another section of the house. Thus he has been able to claim the best seats on the sofa, the bed and of course is the first to get a bowl of food in the morning. I think I may have a bit of a brat on my hands.

Food – Is for Marathoners: 

Puppies have this unique ability to digest and eat everything. Shoes, phone chargers, clothing, your favorite pillow, EVERYTHING. Now when it comes to puppy food, and feeding four other dogs my morning routine, accompanied with way too many cups of coffee, include watching Baby Joey eat out of not one bowl, but 5. He is a dog food connoisseur.

He has developed a habit of eating the other dogs, regardless if they are eating as well. I must admit I am a proud dog mama when none of the dogs want to nip at him, instead they share their food, till he gets so full he waddles over to the kitchen and sleeps.

Puppies are hilarious, aren’t they? – Till next time!


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