When I need to escape the city for some fresh air. I immediately begin planning a trip to one of my favorite places. Silver City, New Mexico. 

For Thanksgiving this year I spent a fantastic week with loved ones exploring the Gila National Forrest, Silver City and everything in between.

We stayed in an enchanting home…(really I could move in there … yesterday)

It was equipped with some of my new favorite views & some funky home touches. It had a unique oven called an Aga (&& for those of you who are avid cookers, you might have heard of it…it makes a bomb ham) ! The first two days of our trip we didn’t wander very far from our home-away-from-home.

Now the next day of our trip we went kayaking (one of my favorite activities)! & we stayed in… really it was nice to relax in a breathtaking place with some of my favorite people. (Plus I was able to finish a book I have been loving ! – Blog post coming soon !)


(Ps. We took along my german shepherd, Onyx. && I can promise he was a very spoiled pup on this entire trip! I don’t think he wanted to come home either)


Now of course for Thanksgiving, we attempted to cook a traditional meal. (The Aga was interesting to cook with! haha. These ovens don’t cook based on timers…You cook based on purpose and temperature…) I managed to burn the gravy…how you might ask? I am not sure…lol. I blame the Aga.

For the last Saturday of our trip, we had to conclude our wonderful adventure with something perfect…. a trip to the Gila Hotsprings & of course the lake for more kayaking !

-Till Tomorrow





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