Mascaras, are such a troublesome product, to me, they are one item that is never quite perfect. Thus I am constantly on the hunt for a better wand, formula…or shoot just product. (I am determined to find the perfect one!) 

Now, recently I was given a few It cosmetics mascaras to try. (&& I adore It cosmetics, so I had to give them a go!) If you have never tried their brow products…well I know what you need to get on your next Ulta visit.

Now, for the last few weeks, I have been trying out the “hello lashes” and “Superhero” mascaras….(Get, ready, grab some tea it’s time for the review)


Superhero Mascara 

This little beauty claims to be a game-changer. “Developed with plastic surgeons, Superhero™ mascara is skincare for your lashes. The proprietary Elastic Stretch Technology stretches the look of your lashes wider and longer, and wraps each individual lash in a volume-boosting, lengthening, ultra-conditioning black cape of power and color for your strongest, thickest, most defined results.” (It


Hmm… okay I have to admit they make it sound enticing ! After two weeks of wearing, rocking & well cleaning up this mascara…I have found a few things…

  1. This does give your lashes an awesome boost. I’m not sure if you can call it a plastic surgery miracle for your lashes, but it’s definitely noteworthy. (1 point)
  2. However…this formula is not suitable for lower lashes…it smudges…(ALOT) … Now mine is not water proof…however if blinking causes my mascara to smudge we have problems ( -1 point)
  3. When they say black mascara…they mean it ! you will love the pigmentation (1 point)
  4. The brush on this baby it awesome. Fluffy, so it grabs all your lashes ! (BUT Be warned ! It’s a clumper…) (.5 point)
  5. The tube…it stands on it’s base ! I love this, because as a mascara get more used, product can get lost on the sides of the tube, however, this keeps everything easy to get ! (love love love the design) (.5 point)

Total : 2 points


Hello Lashes 5-in-1 clinically proven Mascara 

“Developed with plastic surgeons, this game-changing bestseller is your volumizing mascara, conditioning lash primer, lash-enhancing serum, lash tint and curler—all in one! While the triple-action brush lengthens, curls and separates your lashes, the innovative lash ball detailer tip lets you Go Vertical™ and is designed to reach every last inner and outer corner lash.” – It


( many plastic surgeons does, It Cosmetics have on retainer ?) Anyways…after a few weeks of test & wear here is what I have discovered:

  1. The tube has a soft sponge-like surface for you to have a better grip on the mascara wand…I like this when applying my mascara…kinda. (I want to like this…) With this addition in it’s design, it makes the applicator very thick in diameter and thus can be difficult to maneuver. && it gets dirty… (&it’s not easy to me ! ) .5 points
  2. The brush on this mascara has one of those little ball-ends… && I have always hated this type of applicator. The design makes it easy to grab lashes in the corner of the eye (okay that’s a plus), however, I always find it difficult to use on the rest of the eye. (.5points)
  3. Just like the Superhero mascara, it does not wear well on the lower lashes…smudge & smudger city…. (-1 point)
  4. This is defiantly a natural look mascara (&& this is really a preference thing) but I do like my lashes to have a bit of….oomf from my mascara… (-1 point)
Total: -1 point
&&the winner is SUPERHERO
(But really super heros allways win…)
Have you tried these mascaras? Let me know in the comments what your favorite is ! (Or suggest a new one)
– Till Tomorrow

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