Camping @ Conchas Lake


Here in New Mexico, the weather has two moods. Sumer & Winter. (&& toss in a few weeks of really heavy wind with occasional rain for Spring & Fall)

Now that Summer is fully in swing, I have been desperate to go explore new places. For Fathers Day weekend, we packed up and went to Conchas Lake, NM. (Definitely, a place to visit if you get the chance!)

My first impression of this 11-mile long lake was it was HOT! We arrived late Friday afternoon to a day that had seen 102-degree weather…ouch. But ya know what ? The lake is gorgeous & really just downright refreshing.

We swam (of course !), fished (mm, well I supervised haha), tanned (well maybe burned a tad) & cooked to our hearts content. I have to say it was a much needed weekend of fun in the sun with the family!

I think it’s important to escape the normally weekly grind and experience something new. It keeps life exciting and really nurtures your soul.

I have included some snapshots (of course!) of our trip, BUT! If you are craving more from our Conchas Lake adventure, go to my YouTube channel to watch a vlog on everything we got up to !

Do you want to adventure somewhere soon? Tell me in the comments !


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Hello. My name is Victoria. Born and raised in New Mexico. I use my blog to document everything I love. (& that is a lot) I find life intoxicating. Everything from places to a good read (shoot-even bad reads) food, makeup, experiences…my life. I document here. In hopes of trapping the beauty of the world, I see around me. I have been told I see the world through rose-colored spectacles. & I intend to share it that way. Here I hope to discover, discarded and rediscover who I am, how I interact with the world, and who I inspire to be. I hope you find joy in my writing, and hopefully, you also will write something to me.

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