Hello Ladies && Gents,

I am quite partial to thrift store shopping. (Which is basically like rummaging in other people’s forgotten stuff. BUT ! I believe its today’s version of treasure hunting).

Anyways! This past month, armed with only a few dollars I wondered into my local thrift shop looking for vases. (Flower arranging has recently become a hobby). Now I quickly got board of the glass and random metal kitchen instruments, so I started to wonder.

I’ve discovered a limited edition Stephen King book, vintage bags, cameras and so many wonder finds at thrift shops it’s hard not to want to poor over every isle.
This day though, I only lightly rummaged the book section, passed the clothes and found myself in the tech corner.

For the past few years, I’ve been working on collecting vintage cameras. A few of the ones I own work, some don’t. I just find that their novelty is something I really enjoy. So every time I find myself in a thrift shop, I have to visit the tech section.

After a few minutes of digging and finding while a few interesting looking pieces. I wasn’t impressed. Then I spotted it. On the very bottom self. A vintage, beat to hell camera bag.

Now I love finding obscure bags for a few reasons.

1. Often no one goes through the bag before placing it to be sold, so hidden treasures can be found 2. Vintage bags are the bees knees and  3. Sometimes people will hide awesome stuff in bags that they don’t want other people buying.

For all these reasons, I’m a known bag snooper (sp? hmmm not sure) while thrifting. 

My snooping ways payed of, when I discovered tucked away in the decaying bag was a vintage Yashica Tl-Electric camera. (You can insert tiny scream of joy). Plus finding the Vivtar flash, needless to say I was dancing!



I am so excited to add these to my camera collection. They are lovely and i’m determined to see if I can’t them to work.
I will keep you posted!
(Ps. I snagged my amazing camera for a wrapping $5.00) – dang!
What was your best thrift store find?

2 Comments on “003: Vintage Find

  1. I found a chair with lots of personality that now sits proudly in a duly appointed corner of my bedroom. The initial price was right, especially since my lovely chair was in dire need of caning. This sent me on a adventure. I love adventures. I had to find someone in my neck of the woods that still did caning. Success! The price got a little out of hand, or should I say pocket…but it was worth it. From the thrift store corner to my bedroom. Done!

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