Hello Ladies & Gents,

I know, this month’s IPSY bag review is a tad late && I am sorry. I dropped the ball. This month I couldn’t decided weather or not to continue this ongoing mini-series of reviews on my blog or state adding them into my YouTube filming schedule.
After some deliberation however (& a pre-configured list) I have decided to keep my monthly bags, a blog review only. If I am lucky enough to love one of the items I receive, I have decided to tack those items into my monthly favorites videos…
Now after all that explanation, let the fun part of this post (& honestly the most important part) begin!



IPSY October Glam Bag Review

Firstly I have to say that this month had more products that I could actually use (thank goodness!) So I am happy to say I only missed out on using 1 thing from my glam bag…

Figs & Touge Handcream (in mango)


For the sake of practicality, I want start off with the item from my glam bag I couldn’t use. However, based on the smell (which is amazing & I just want to eat it) && the packaging which is darn right adorable, my mind has decided this is the best Handcream I have never used lol. If any of you have an actually tried this product, I would love your thoughts on it! Leave them in the description box ❤

Doll 10 Highlighting Cream



This item firstly I have never heard of (which based on passed IPSY bags is not that surprising) && secondly this product is rubbish.
Now I know what your thinking; “But you love highlighters! Your saying you don’t love it?!” Yes ladies & Gents, this is one highlighter that I just don’t like! While the product, which comes in a small compact, looks illuminated & pink in tones, the product does not transfer that way at all! instead it comes off sticky (which ew) & & has no highlighting effect at all (which hello? isn’t that the point of this product?) ! This product in my opinion is a deffint disappointment. I rate this product a no-go.

Starlooks Lip gloss



Lip gloss.

That’s basically my review lol, this product wasn’t amazing, wasn’t dull, wasn’t really well all that rememberable…instead this seemed to me like a run of the mill drug store gloss. It was medium to heavy build, was natural pink in tone & had a expected stickiness to it.
I don’t particularly hate, love or have many thoughts on this one. In my opinion you could get a better gloss from Ulta.

MICA Beauty Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow





This shadow, was very pigmented & went on smooth. My one issue (which I would imagine is a large issue for many who wear makeup) is that this product didn’t last. I wore Eyeshadow Primer and did a setter & & this gorgeous shadow only stayed on my lids for half a day. which is just plain irritating. Now of course this could be due to my skin or the Primer I used, so if you have tried any other flutter shadows from this range, please leave your thoughts in the comment box below!

Epice Purifying Exfoliant


Love. Love. Love. Lovex 1000000

If you have watched my October Favorites video (https://youtu.be/-ovXvLH7_1U) then you know how much I love this product.
My skin as of late has been, well, a pain in the Arse! && I started using this Exfoliant the day I received my bag && I have noticed a change in my skin. My irritating dry patches are pretty close to being gone & my skin hasn’t been as oily!
This Exfoliant has Marco beads which gently Exfoliant your skin with out being harsh. the formula itself is also very soothing & rubs in easy.
I have to say I adore this product & & I must confess I have already ordered the larger bottle lol I’m addicted!

ladies & Gents,
it’s been fun & as always a treat to write for you, until my next post…
Kisses ❤

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