Hello Ladies and Gents,

It’s monday, and that means that like me many of you have started back at school. Now I don’t know what is going on today, it must be because it’s monday or the first day or classes or something, but I had a very terrible horrible day.

First this morning I woke up to discover I slept like poo, and that I had a head quake. Which let me just say does not put me into the greatest “okay lets start these classes” mood. Thus armed with my head quake and all my school essentials; backpack, books, calendar, and a water bottle, I went on my way to class.

Arriving at school this morning, the first thing that greeted me was those horrible orange cones, thats right construction. I spent 30 minutes just trying to find a parking space, which to my irritation I ended up having to pay for, and the space placed me a good 2 miles from my first class (talk about to far for comfort).

Worrying I would be late, I hopped out of my car, breaking my water bottle…which was highly disappointing, since the water was cold and it was a sweat breaking 90 degrees out. && gosh darn it I really liked my pink frilly Victoria Secret water bottle with the skulls on it (insert sad puppy dog eyes).

After my unfortunate journey to class, I was happy to find a nice quite spot at the corner of my classroom, however to my dismay I went to the wrong room. Yup, I was that flustered. Class went relatively as expected; hugs with fellow classmates, assignments and predictions for the term.

Since today was the first day of classes, and on mondays & wednesdays I only have one class I decided to take a track to the school bookstore, to see about materials for my classes later this week.

First off, everyone and their mother had this same idea && I mean EVERYONE!! Walking much less shopping was like battling a mob. However, after some time I was able to find a textbook I needed at a decent price and a few little gadgets, that well I didn’t need but inherently wanted. Thus making me cry at the pay station lol.

I have to say though there is nothing like coming home after a horrible completely irritating day and taking a nap with your dogs. Cause lets face it no matter how horrible a day you’ve had, their puppy faces make things better. && adding a cup of tea never made things worse either.

So cheers everyone, to the start of fall classes. I sincerely hope that everyone had a better monday then me…which I know might be hoping for a lot, but hey it’s one more day down till friday!

KIsses ❤

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