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July 2016

Gosh ! I can’t believe it’s already JULY! can you? I feel like we just kicked off the new year, and 2016 is already half way gone ! Wow… well, let’s listen to the tunes of the month! July 2016 Playlist¬† && don’t forget to tell me in the comments what you have been listening to this month ! #SummerJams


June 2016

Omgoodness, summer is coming ¬†! && My June 2016 Playlist is celebrating this lovely time of year! Don’t forget to leave in the comments what your music favorites have been this month! #SummerTunes¬†


May 2016 Playlist

Don’t forget to listen to my favorite jams this month on Spotify !


April 2016 JAMS

A while back, I tried using a platform called “8 Tracks” to make playlists of the music I have been obsessing over. However, I recently jumped onto the Spotify train instead.

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