My Hair Transformation

Hello Ladies && Gents!

This week I have done something really amazing…with the help of Monique D. an amazing stylist at Mark Pardo Salons (an Aveda Approved Salon) I have changed my hair color from black/box dye brown to an array of golden, and blonds tones!

&& Since posting about my hair I have been getting LOTS of questions! So I thought I would sit down, and write this little post about my new hair.

To know about my hair, I think it’s important to know the condition it was in, before we changed the color.


IMG_1057 IMG_1058

My hair, firstly is VERY VERY thick, and is naturally black. Not to mention, my poor hairstylist had to fix the sections of my hair that I had perviously dyed over with box hair dye (to fix that one incident when I tuned my hair orange haha…I don’t recommend)






Since Mark Pardeo is an Aveda approved salon, all the products that we used on my hair were from Aveda.

So !! In order to tackle not only my naturally black hair && the box dyed craziness, we had to process my hair twice and use enlightener to ensure my hair wouldn’t get damaged. The enlightener is a type of bleach that is gentler, and more natural. So it doesn’t overly damage your hair.

Since my hair also had orange/red pigments in it, we used high lift color. Which assists in lifting your natural hairs “tint” and depositing color that will counter act your hairs natural color. (which in my case was blue)

Due to my hair being a tad dry & my scalp being irritated, we also went in with a botanical scalp treatment. Which helps repair dry scalp, and makes your hair super soft.







After 4.5 Hours Later….


Monique D. was able to take my hair from a mess of multicolor madness to hair fit for a princess.

Needless to say I ADORE my new color. I feel that even though i went WAY lighter then my natural color, the tones of not only the ash blond but also of the cooler browns helps to compliment my skin tone, and doesn’t make me look washed out.

&& thanks to the scalp treatment, my hair feels EVEN BETTER THEN BEFORE!

So if y’all are looking for a change && your in the Albuquerque area go stop by Mark Pardo! They are magic 


Contact Info:

Mark Pardo

(505) 298-2983

(I went to the one on Coors!)


Check out my Vlog that I filming before, during && after my hair transformation!


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